Group members at ifakara


Is a System of group lending where organised group of 5 enterprising  youth, women and other micro entrepreneurs but active acting under the principle of co-guarantee apply for micro loans and repay these in installments within a given period of time. Clients are organized into groups whose members serve an informal bank and cross guarantee each other’s loans.





A client at her shop


The product was designed to afford members of solidarity group loan who have reached a loan ceiling of TZS 4.0 million and would like to borrow on individual capacity. The main collateral for this loan are chattels, business stocks and the borrower must have good track record in solidarity group loans. Repayment is monthly with a maximum duration of two years. Failure charges apply when defaulted. The benefit of the product is the opportunity to access a loan individuality in order to grow ones micro or small business



3. SRI AGRICULTURAL LOANS                                                                                                                                                                                                           

SRI clients repaying loans in kind after haverst


This Loan is only issued to rice out- growers supported by Kilombero Plantation Company. To qualify for the loan, farmers must undergo training offered by KPL, use farm inputs supplied by KPL and referred to by KPL for loans.






Beneficiary of mixed farm loan attending his butterfly cage , Mr. Anderson Maguruko of Usambara mountain Amani

This loan is issued to smallholder farmers for financing a variety of crops in Kilombero, Ulanga and Amani Muheza. This loan product also finances horticulture, fruit farming and domestic livestock keeping. This loan is an add- up loans for clients with good track record business loans issued through solidarity groups




5. Agricultural loan product

Rice farmers of Lupiro in Ulanga District receiving practical training through the sponsorship of Miche Association of Italy


The new product  is meant for agricultural activities especially in the rural areas. The product benefit farmers from Minepa, Kivukoni, Mavimba, Milala, Igumburo, Lupiro and Kichangani Villages in Ulanga District in Morogoro.

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