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YETU Bank has ATM’s on each of its branches for your convenience.

We have a smart ATM connected to the front of the bank which will allow you to make withdraw funds, transfer funds, and check your balance. Our ATM Cards are connected to UMOJA switch which means that you can withdraw funds, check your balance from any UMOJA ATM switch. There are more than 133 ATM machines connected to Umoja Switch.


Location of UmojaSwitch ATMs

Azania MbaudaArusha TIB Mlimani CityDar es Salaam
BOA Metropole Arusha BranchArusha TIB MWENGEDar es Salaam
TIB Arusha Sokoine RdArusha TPB KariakooDar es Salaam
TIB Usa RiverArusha TPB KijitonyamaDar es Salaam
TPB MeruArusha TPB MetropolitanDar es Salaam
TWIGA ARUSHAArusha TPB Ubungo plazzaDar es Salaam
UCB KaratuArusha TPB YWCADar es Salaam
NIC, Ilala BranchDar es Salaam TWB Bamaga shellDar es Salaam
ACB  AggreyDar es Salaam TWB Mkwepu StreetDar es Salaam
ACB Buguruni, Uhuru StrDar es Salaam TWIGA HQ Twiga HouseDar es Salaam
ACB Ilala BranchDar es Salaam TWIGA Kigamboni ATM 1Dar es Salaam
ACB Kariakoo, Uhuru St.Dar es Salaam TWIGA Kigamboni ATM 2Dar es Salaam
ACB Kijitonyama, AH MwinyiDar es Salaam TWIGA MLIMANI CITYDar es Salaam
ACB Tandale, SokoniDar es Salaam TWIGA MWANAMBOKADar es Salaam
ACB TemekeDar es Salaam TWIGA SABA SABADar es Salaam
ACB Ubungo Plaza, Moro RdDar es Salaam Amana, Pugu Road BranchDar es Salaam
ACB UkongaDar es Salaam Amana, Tandamti BranchDar es Salaam
ACB Ukonga 2Dar es Salaam PBZ K/Koo IBD BranchDar es Salaam
ACCESS ABT Magala BranchDar es Salaam TWB Engen Petrol StationDar es salaam
ACCESS Kariakoo BranchDar es Salaam TPB Tanesco buildingDodoma
ACCESS Kijitonyama BranchDar es Salaam TPB TRA BuildingKagera
ACCESS Mansese BranchDar es Salaam Azania MoshiKilimanjarao
ACCESS Tabata BranchDar es Salaam Akiba Moshi, Market St.Kilimanjaro
ACCESS Temeke BranchDar es Salaam Akiba NakumatKilimanjaro
AKIBA Amani PlaceDar es Salaam BOA MOSHIKilimanjaro
Akiba KaweDar es Salaam TPB KNCUKilimanjaro
Akiba M/NyamalaDar es Salaam UCB BomaKilimanjaro
Akiba MbagalaDar es Salaam UCB HimoKilimanjaro
Akiba TegetaDar es Salaam UCB HQ MoshiKilimanjaro
Akiba Ubungo OilComDar es Salaam UCB Sanya JuuKilimanjaro
Azania KariakooDar es Salaam BOA MWANJELWAMbeya
Azania KimaraDar es Salaam BOA TUNDUMA BRANCHMbeya
Azania Masdo Hse ATM 1Dar es Salaam CBA Mbeya BranchMbeya
Azania Masdo Hse ATM 2Dar es Salaam TIB NdurumaMbeya
Azania MikocheniDar es Salaam TPB NSSF BuildingMbeya
Azania MwengeDar es Salaam BOA MOROGOROMorogoro
Azania Sokoine DriveDar es Salaam TPB MtwaraMtwara
Azania TegetaDar es Salaam Azania MwaloniMwanza
BOA CCBRTDar es Salaam Azania NkrumahMwanza
BOA Head Office BranchDar es Salaam BOA Mwanza BranchMwanza
BOA IlalaDar es Salaam CBA MwanzaMwanza
BOA Kijitonyama BranchDar es Salaam MKOMBOZI Nyerere RDMwanza
BOA Mbezi BranchDar es Salaam TPB MwanzaMwanza
BOA Msimbazi BrDar es Salaam TWIGA MWANZAMwanza
BOA MTONIDar es Salaam PBZ Chakechake 1Pemba
BOA Pugu Road BranchDar es Salaam PBZ Chakechake 2Pemba
BOA Sinza BranchDar es Salaam PBZ WetePemba
BOA TabataDar es Salaam TPB SongeaRuvuma
BOA TandikaDar es Salaam Azania KahamaShinyanga
BOA UbungoDar es Salaam TPB ShinyangaShinyanga
CBA Amani PlaceDar es Salaam TPB TaboraTabora
CBA K/Koo Narung’ombeDar es Salaam TPB TangaTanga
CBA Nyerere BranchDar es Salaam PBZ AirportUnguja
CBA Samora BranchDar es Salaam PBZ ForodhaniUnguja
DCB ArnautogluDar es Salaam PBZ M/Kwerekwe 1Unguja
DCB MagomeniDar es Salaam PBZ M/Kwerekwe 2Unguja
DCB TabataDar es Salaam PBZ Malindi 1Unguja
DCB TemekeDar es Salaam PBZ Malindi 2Unguja
DCB Ukonga (Banana)Dar es Salaam PBZ Malindi 3Unguja
MKOMBOZI Msimbazi CentreDar es Salaam PBZ Malindi 4Unguja
MKOMBOZI St. Joseph 1Dar es Salaam TPB ZanzibarUnguja
   PBZ Mlandege Corporate Br.Zanziba

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