We have partnered with a variety of organizations for funding and to provide additional services to our clients.

1. Stromme Microfinance East Africa.

Stromme Microfinance East Africa Limited (SMF EA Ltd.) is a company limited by shares incorporated in 2004, which pursues the aim of freeing people from poverty. Its main activities are to intermediate funding to established and upcoming Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) and provide capacity building support to these. It aims to provide market responsive financial services and capacity building support on a sustainable basis, for use by providers of business and financial services, which would consequently enhance the access to these for the enterprising poor of the East African region. SMF EA operates as a wholesale lending agency targeting retail microfinance institutions in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Sudan.


It Provide loans primarily for on-lending and capacity building.

2.Financial Sector deepening Trust Fund(FSDT).

The Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSDT) was incorporated in Tanzania on 1 July 2004 with an overall aim to develop a deeper financial system that can provide greater access to finance to more Tanzanians.

Our mission is to generate sustainable improvements in the livelihoods of poor households through reduced vulnerability to shocks, increased incomes and employment achieved through providing greater access to financial services for more men, women and enterprises.

Our vision is to achieve improved capacity and sustainability of the financial sector to meet the needs of MSMEs and poor men and women and to contribute to economic growth.

3. Miche Association-Italy

Financed project-phase of YOSEFO’s Ifakara Branch (451 km from Dar). MICHE’s primary objective is to support education and they view microfinance as an important component of their efforts.

Rice farmers of Lupiro in Ulanga District receiving practical training through the sponsorship of Miche Association of Italy
Rice farmers of Lupiro in Ulanga District receiving practical training through the sponsorship of Miche Association of Italy

 4. Tanzania Forest Conservation Group(TFCG)

The Tanzania Forest Conservation Group is a team of professional foresters, biologists and communicators determined to improve the way Tanzania’s forests are managed and to support the livelihoods of those living close to the forests.They are focused on Tanzania’s most important forests: the Eastern Arc Mountains and Coastal Forests. The forests and the plants and animals that they support provide many ecological services including capturing and storing greenhouse gases that might otherwise contribute to climate change; water catchment; biodiversity; pollination; and soil protection.

Mr. Anderson Maguruko inside his butterfly cage, he is one of the beneficiaries of TFCG





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